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Mountain Tribe Spear History

When nomads had found the mountain top. They found it a great source of hunting, and defensive lining. The fact that the steepness of the hill that the enemy would have to climb up, and the heighth that they were at made it the best defensive village.

They first built the elder's hut. It was the only one made out of stone. It took one whole Yuri before it was built. It took about three hundred stone filled barrels for it to be complete. My father was the elder's son, and one of the original seven. They included.. The elder, my father, my mother, the elder's brother, the elder's brother's niece, and Two great warriors. They all helped build the elder's house, which was in the center of the village, and where all meetings took place.

The wall included, a wooden inner body, and a stone outer body. The wall wrapped around the whole mountain top, which inface was very small. Each house built after the wall, was against the wall and had a ladder leading ontop of the houses' roofs. So that they can spot enemies easily.

At the time I was born the technology of building weapons grew. We no longer used wooden spears or wooden swords. Even though that was still popular. The popultion was only a mere fifty-five, including me. The day I was born was the day the Mountain Tribe Spear was first created by the village elder. The village elder gave this spear to the best warrior, my father, Caradoc. The elder only told the village blacksmith the way to create it. All I know is that it is made out of the finest iron and silver. And is magically enchanted by the mountain gods.

Once a warrior became twenty seasons old and had passed the trials of the Mountain Warrior, they could have their own Mountain Tribe Spear. It was my day of getting my own Spear. Except when ogres had destroyed everyone, except me, and everything in the village. Only one Mountain Tribe Spear remains..

In my hands.


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