Nexus Biographies


The Original Seven.. and the Mountain Tribe's Beginnings

A while ago the Original Seven, had traveled from the depths of a north kingdom south. The south isn't as you mere' people see it as. My father, Caradoc, lived far far far far far north, further north then any of you can imagine. A great army forced my people out of their kingdom. Killing three hundred thousand people... except the population was three hundred and seven thousand. The survivors became known as the Original Seven. Names, I do not remember, only my Father's name. As they were forced out of their kingdom they were left only their clothing. As they traveled they noticed a disappearing, Curious, my father had followed it. What he saw was a very steep hill. He yelled to the others to come look at what he had found. They ran to him. They both began climbing up the hill. Knowing they were in the mountains. Once they had climbed up the hill they realized they were at the highest elavation possible. Looking down the hill, a forest ontop of the mountain could be seen, with a small stream flowing through. Hungry and tired they pitched up their tents for the night. As the nights passed they grew fond of their settlement. The scout, who would soon become the elder because of his exploits, began traveling from the settlement to the river, writing down every spec of detail he saw; the deer, the squirrels, shrubs, trees, and grass. One day as he was out recording nature's way and progress, he stayed an extra long time so look at the fish in the stream. While he was doing that the other six, were carefully building the elder's hut, without making any sounds. When the scout was climbing up the hill, only two steps away from seeing the hut, the builders dropped a stone, making a loud booming sound. The Scout, still hurt takes the grass from the hill and rips it up, and smudges it upon his hands making his grip tighter. Slowly he climbs, carefully he looks left to right incase of any distrubances in his path. The builders, just finishing the hut when the scout sees it. Confused the scout asked what the hut was for. Calmly yet still excited the builders replied in a happily yes. The scout, with no question accepted it.. in an 'ok' manner. Slowly they devolped the settlement into a small village. In total there were eight buildings, some large some small. . They thought it brought them luck because the way the town was set up, in the middle they had the key to mountain symbol on the roof, of the elder's hut. And so on with the other buildings. The wall they made was special because the mixture of stone was from the five elements they said. Which it was.. the process worked like this..

They melted down the EARTH, then METAL, using FIRE, then stirred it together in WATER, finally made a WOOD protectors. The original seven, then gained confindence in their village and developed the Mountain Tribe Spear. Only the greatest warriors could gain it. After a while, the elder began playing with sand, he made a ring out of sand its heighth was pretty good in size, then he dropped his fire lamp next to it, the flames burned the sand and melted it, turning it hard. This item became known as the Mountain Band. As the seasons passed and gone the population grew. The only attacks that came upon the village were angry tigers........ and finally.. finally ogres

(continue for the fall of the Mountain tribe)


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