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Two Swords: Fate's Desire

Two swords lay side by side in a case. One, a wakizashi [shortsword], the other, a katana [long sword]. These were kept in a meditation room in the east side of the house. The west, was the sleep quarters. In one room, the father and mother. In the other, two brothers. Their house sat upon a hill Overlooking a village. They were not important people of this village. They just got lucky finding this home. Just a dozen steps from the house was the samurai keep. There, they trained the samurai to shoot deadly accurate arrows, fight like the mighty tiger, and become one with his sword. Upon entering this building you would see a massive gate that was guarded by two spearman. Even standing outside you can hear the taunts of the great fighters inside. The another dozen steps from the samurai keep, was the meditation building. Inside was majestic statue of Buddha. But these people believed in something else besides Buddhism. They believed Buddha had two pets. A Tiger, and jaguar. At day time he would send his tiger to hunt for food, and bring back any goods. At night time he would send his jaguar to hunt for food, and bring back any goods. These people also believed that the tiger, was the strength and intelligence of Buddha, while the jaguar was the stealthy, and wise party of Buddha. These beliefs guided the village's fighters to victory in every battle.

So beside the statue of Buddha was a statue of a tiger, and jaguar. One day there was a terrible storm. Lightning and thunder had reign this night, not the emporer. Rain soon came to aid the thunder and lightning in their fight against humanity. But, something happened. The storm stopped in quickness of an eyeblink. Quiet ruled at the moment. Then thousands of warriors and other types of fighters rushed from the nearby forest. The terrorized every building, everyone... everything. The two brothers in the house on the hill, took three planks from the floor and crawled in a small room they had dug while their parents were traveling. They yelled for their parents, but it was too late someone had already killed them. So they put they quitely lifted the planks, and barred themselves in the tiny underground room. While inside this room they could hear faint sounds of people screaming and dieing. In only a few minutes the battle was over. Only two remained. The two brothers. They came out of their sanctuary. The smoke arosse then cleared in a snap of the fingers. The two swords shone brightly in the ashey sky.The older brother ran towards the top sword, the katana. He grabbed it. In his kimono, he jumped into the air. The bottom of his garb flared up as he mystified into the air. The younger brother, much more agile, jumped up with great amount and grabbed the smaller sword, the wakizashi, and disappeared...

-more to come-

Penned by Ranger WhisperWind