Nexus Biographies


Slipping Away::.

I can still see her.

I remember the evenings we would sit by the river, our toes dancing across the surface with the waterbugs. I remember her words, sweet like honey in my ear, as she kissed me.

"I love you."

But those days are gone now. Nought more than a wisp of memory left to soothe my aching heart, my dying soul. Often nights, I sit and wonder... Where did I go wrong?

We met in the palace, her long black hair flowing around her. My secondhand robes lying in tatters about me, as I was still too young to afford better. As she passed, I could not avert my eyes. It was as if I was spellbound, destined to find her from the start. Soon after, I proposed to her, here, in the Garden of the Muses. I can still remember the words... Ah, but that is for my mind and mine alone.

As a gift at the wedding, she gave me a beautiful Lyre, forged by divine powers, a lyre with healing and soothing powers. All I was able to give was a simple drapery. I often wondered, after the receiving of this Divine instrument, why I was so fortunate. But my gift was much more than a simple drapery, wrapped with care in a plain box. Mine was the gift of Love, my soul, my being. I gave myself to her that day.

After two Yuris of marriage, I was called away, quite unexpectedly, from the kingdoms. Upon my return, my hopes of soon being reunited with my wife, our daughter, were destroyed. I received a parchment indicating the nullification of our marriage. It was the greatest shock of my life.

Since then, I have roamed the kingdoms, searching for my place, and putting on a brave smile. But I know I am dying without love, without hope, without her... Wondering where I went wrong...

Perhaps if I had told her I loved her more often? Perhaps a bouquet of flowers? Slowly, surely, I kill myself with questions, questions without answers.

I still look for our star in the night sky, though I know I won't find it, as it burned out long ago. I still walk to the garden where our marriage blossoms bloomed, though I know they are long dead. I am lost, you see. I am no more a man than I am a Warrior. The only thing that holds me here is the hope that someday, somehow, I will be made whole again.