Nexus Biographies


Lost Father

I walked into the old man's room. He sat very still and his breathing was harsh. I thought I had lost all hope, but just as I was about to leave the room, the man said in a very weak voice, "I see you are troubled young Jethro. Sit down and tell me of your thoughts, for my time is limited here."

"I wish to know where my father is. It has been many yuri's since you and my father set out on that voyage. How did you return and not him?"

"Aye, so you are still wondering what happened to him. Well, we were going on a quest to seek the one known as the Wise Do. Fore the Do had great wisdom that which everyone in all the kingdoms wished to seek. But we did not wish to seek his knowledge, we wanted only to know what was to become of the Knights Of Buya."

I sat there, with a strange look on my face, for I did not know what the Knights Of Buya were. I had heard of the Buyan Imperial Army, but not the Knights Of Buya.

"You know not of the Knights Of Buya?" the old man asked.

I shook my head.

The old man pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and there is where I saw it, the mark of the Knights Of Buya. ~)*(~

"You are probably wondering what this mark is. This here mark is the mark of the Knights Of Buya. We were not the Buyan Imperial Army. We did not wish to protect the Prince and Empress. That was the army's job. We rode all the time, seeking followers. For we tried to find the meaning of life. But anyways, your father and I, went to see the Wise Do. We traveled for many moons and we were far from the Wise Do. One night we settled down to rest for the night. Your father went to get fire wood while I hunted for rabbit meat to eat. In the middle of skinning a rabbit, I heard your father scream out in agony. I drew out my Electra and ran to where I thought I heard your father from. When I got there I will never forget what I saw, your father on his knees and a ma....."

An arrow flew threw the open window and hit the old man in the chest.I jumped out of the way just as an arrow hit where i was just stading a few seconds earlier. I picked up the arrow and examined it. BIA, in big letters right across the shaft of the arrow. Buyan Imperial Army. I ran out the door and flew down the stairs. Grabbed my moonblade just as I reached for the door handle and I felt a sharp pain in my back. I turned around and the feeling of cold steel pierced my chest and I knew no more.