Nexus Biographies


The Furious One

As the First day happens, a new born has appeared unto the trees, as the first task goes by, the more he gets older, the more he gets older, the rage into the new born has become into a furious monster no one else could defeat him, but there is one way.....

The story of the Furious monster, it is about a monster that ruled over the kingdom, it happened, this was the first time unto the kingdom, the kingdom's name was Kouguryo, the furious monster came unto the north gates of the winds, he had been attacking people, very innocent ones, until Yuri found out that there was a monster attacking the Kingdom, he had stopped him, How? I do not know, but the legends say, The ferocious furious One has been stopped by a person , the person was named Yuri, and he was Born Before the Great Shift, the monster died, but one day,

Generations after Generations. 10 Years ago, Yuri became the King of all Kouguryo, and before that, the monster was raised by the evil Johaih, he was beginning to laugh and laugh, Yuri became very mad because Johaih was causing all of this unto him. It happened before I was born, and well.. could it be?

Johaih, the Evil One, everyone hated him, then Yuri said "You will fail unto thee Johaih!" Johaih smiled and grinned "I shall not bow to you as you will prepare to defeat me!" So then the battle became, King Yuri was buffed, already prepared. Then Once again, the life came unto the pasture, then was legend.

Could it be a legend?

Or a Myth?

Well, we do not know.