Nexus Biographies


The Story of Yoshiku

The story of my past is a hard one to tell. Even now as I sit

under the tree of my adopted country, Nagnang.

I supposed my story starts when I turned twelve. My family

lived on the northern part of Sicily. My mother died when I was

younger. All I can remember of my mother was that she was a

strong warrior. My mother left me her most prized possession, a

dark-blue stone that she nicknamed: "Shade" .. My father and I

would sit by the fire while he regaled me with stories of how my

Mother, along with the army ( "But of course she could of gone

alone" my father would explain ), fought off the bandits and

raiders that came from the sea. My father would always start his

story telling very happily, jumping around the room to imitate the

great ogres. At the end of his storytelling my father would

become quite sullen and spend the rest of the night in his room.

This was all I knew of family in the house by the sea, just me, my

sister, and my father.

My father was a well-liked man in our town. He owned a small

shop where he sold exotic goods from foreign lands. One could

often come into the shop to find my father telling the story of

how the very dagger he held in his hands once pierced the

heart of a might demon.

My sister, well my sister was one of a kind. We would often go

on long walks in the woods. We would sit on the rocks by the

waterfall as she explained to me about the spirits of the earth.

My happiest memories are of when my father would let us

sleep out under the stars. My sister would point out stars

which she said made pictures (None of which I ever saw)

Shortly after my 16th birthday (Which would be about Yuri 40

in your lands) My father confided a secret in me. He told me

about his true past, when he had been in something called the

KSG. I did not know where this KSG was or even what it was.

My father left the next day on what he told us was a business

trip. That was the last I saw of my father.

My sister and I waited days, then weeks, then months until

one day a man stopped by. The man's name I do not remember

but I knew it was not from our region, possibly not even from

our country. The man explained to me that my father was

okay, but that I would never see him again. On my 21st

birthday I was finally old enough to find my father. I took my

sister with me and traveled to the city of 'Koguryo' the journey

took quite a long time. During the trip my sister and I stopped

in the wilderness for the night. There, my sister met a group

of people who called themselves 'Druids'/ My sister wanted

to stay with these people. I agreed, and continued onward


When I first came to the lands of the Nexus I know little about

it's people. I soon grew tired of city life in 'Buya' and sought

somewhere else to dwell. Then I met a member of the group I

recognized as the ones my sister was with. He was named

Borfshwitz. He showed me the country of Nagnang, where I

now write this from.

I haven't seen my sister since the day I left her, but as it

has done throughout my life, my search goes on...