Nexus Biographies


A Prayer for Rainy

A bitter winter's eve on the night she died. My mother, whom I searched all my life for, was gone. When weren't sure exactly what had happened, she had simply fallen asleep one night, and failed to wake the next morning.

My sister and I stood frozen in the snow as we set flowers on her grave. A tear trickled down my cheek, freezing onto my skin. It was like all my suffering was being frozen in time, and it wouldn't leave me be. I set a small bouquet of Midnight's reign on her tombstone. They had always been her favorite flowers, she always had some in a vase by her bedside, and they had been there the night she'd passed on. I ran my fingers over the inscription on the gravestone. I couldn't read what it said, my eyes were blurred with tears, but I didn't need an indication to tell me that I would never see my beloved mother again.

My sister, Rainy and I sat in the house where my mother and father had lived. I looked over at my twin's distraught face, there were no words to be said. I could hear her muffled cries as she laid her head into the soft cushioning of the bed. I ran my fingers through her dark, tangled hair. I didn't know how to comfort her, afterall, how do you make someone feel better when you yourself are feeling their pain. I could hear her thoughts, a special power I had been gifted with as her identical. She simply said, "Why?" over and over in her head, and my thoughts became syncronized with hers. I laid my head next to her and drifted to sleep, dreaming of the past, wishing it back. My father returned home a week later. As a member of the army, he was away a lot, but he knew what had happened. He simply smiled the best he could and embraced us in a loving, comforting hug. He soon became as misty-eyed as we, my sister and I were, and we all cried together. We spoke of the past to help soothe our minds. We laughed as we recalled family outings into the Mythic and the Wilderness. We talked of our run in with Sheep and Golden rabbits. My mother had spent a week on bedrest after that, and somehow I wished it were that very incident that was keeping her away from us, and that she'd return.

As I began to regain my mental strength, the unthinkable happened. As we were walking through the Buyan lands, my dear twin collapsed beside me, and I could not wake her. I started to cry, thinking the unimaginable, that my sister would never return to me again. As I cradled her unconcious body in my arms, a Shaman walked forward and carried her away. In complete shock, I followed closely behind, praying to every God in the known world, hoping one of them would answer me, and tell me what I wanted to hear. The Shaman took my dying sister to Palingenesis, the Shaman circle for performing their practices. As I stood in a panic, more Shamans came closer, confusion on their faces, and they began speaking quietly to one another. I wanted to know what was going on, but no one would tell me. A gentle Shaman woman walked forward to me and spoke, "Your sister is alive, but she is very ill, we are going to do the best we can. Come." She led me to a small bed made from cloth and wood. I laid down on it and fell asleep. When I awoke, the morning had passed me by and Afternoon and come. It took me a moment to become aware if my surroundings, but it soon flooded back to me and I started to cry. I was so young, I couldn't suffer this again, I couldn't lose my best friend, my identical. I had already lost my dear sweet mother, I couldn't lose my sister. I started to scream allowed, "Why Gods, why?!" I was silenced by a simple 'hush..' coming from nearby. The Shaman woman who had aided me before stood before me with a cup of hot tea in her hand. She handed it to me. As I drank, she sang softly to me, a soothing melody that calmed every sense in my body. I looked at her, "Where is my sister?" I asked her. Her smile faded and tears came into her eyes. I immediately thought the worst and was prepared to scream again. But my fears were liberated as soon as she spoke, "She is still living, but she is still very sick." I sighed in relief, she had made it through the night, but could she make it longer? The Shaman looked in my eyes and spoke again, "She seems to be suffering from a broken heart, did something happen to you'll?" I simply nodded my head, fighting back tears. I didn't need to speak any more, it was as if the Shaman already knew. I started sobbing softly and the Shaman comforted me and began to sing again. I couldn't lose my sister, I couldn't.

It was a yuri before my sister was well again. The wait was long and hard, and I suffered greatly through it, but in the end, it was worth it. I can't tell you how thankful I am to the Shamans who saved my sister. She, too, is very thankful! After she became well and regained her strength, Rainy and I walked down to the cemetary to visit our mother. It was springtime now and all the flowers were blossoming around her grave. I couldn't help but smile, it was so beautiful, and I know my mother would have agreed were she here with us. Maybe she was. There was no telling, but I was happy to have my sister back. My identical. I hugged my sister tightly before she ran up the hill. I turned back to the grave and whispered, "Thanks mama, for everything." Then I ran up to catch my sister, my twin, my best friend.


**Note: In reality, my sister died from a broken heart. She couldn't stand being away from our mother, and still today, I miss them both! I will always wish for this to be true, for my sister to be alive once more. But, then again, there is no controlling fate.**