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"Quickly! Give me that bottle!"

The squad's medic swiftly snatched a glass vial of clear liquid from a nearing cadet, and immediately began to pour it down the throat of a clearly ailing sentinel.

"That's the fifth one in two days," said another cadet from behind a wall or worried Chongun warriors.

This particular squadron of Chonguns had been dispatched to a distant, and swampy land. A war-torn land that had been suffering from the tyrannical rule of an narcissistic lord.

No doubt the battles against the corrupt leader's men left the murky bog surrounding the small foriegn kingdom blood soaked. However, no Chonguns fell in combat. Their expert skills and tactics of war lead their assualt, and drove them to certain victory. Where they ultimately dethroned the chaotic lord, and freed the citizens from their once merciless ruler's reign.

Unfortunately, despite having succeeded with practically flawless results, the squad of Chonguns were not yet safe. It was something about the swampy lands that they had inhabitted throughout the weeks of constant battle. They fought through the searing pains of open wounds, which remained susceptible to the invisible terrors of the stagnant environment. Wounds which were only tended to thoroughly after the conflict had subsided, but by then it was already too late.

The Chonguns had set up camp just outside the walls of their former enemy's former kingdom, where the medic had been administering every antiseptic and antibiotic known to him, but none seemed to quell the diseases entirely. Some of the Chongun warriors would show signs of recovery within the first few hours of receiving the medicine, but it was not long after their very brief moment of relief that their symptoms and ailments resurfaced. Needless to say, this was one battle that it would seem these Chonguns just could not win...

Luckily a grateful citizen from the newly liberated foreign kingdom took notice of the Chonguns' struggle with the unknown pathogens, and offered to house the Chonguns within the protection of the city walls. It was then that the gracious and elderly citizen educated the medic about a local medicinal secret. One that he promised would completely cure the bedridden warriors. Needless to say, the medic listened very carefully to the citizen's every word.

It was not a new medicine, but rather it was a way to enhance what had already existed by preparing and introducing certain parts of the local flora after treating it a specific way. The Chongun medic and the elderly citizen work for days to create enough of the strange alchemical concoction to mix with their own pre-existing remedies to create a whole new substance.

After some time had passed, and the proper portions of the new tonic had been correctly and efficiently administered to each and every one of the Chongun warriors, there were sure and unmistakable signs of absolute recovery within mere hours. To some it was nothing short of a miracle.

The medic and the elderly citizen spoke to one another for some time while the squad regained its strength. It was then that the secrets, and a small supply of the special ingredients, were passed on to the medic as a form of thanking the Chonguns for freeing the foreign kingdom from their suffering past. Of course, with all the honor and respect any true Chongun could exhibit, the medic graciously accepted the truly unique and wonderous gift. However, he accepted it with the promise to keep the origins and certain properties of the alchemical miracle a secret. One that would remain carefully protected within the Chongunate home.


Not long after the squad's return to their home kingdom did the medic immediately begin working on perfecting the techniques used to enhance their own medicine. His primary concern, of course, was that there supply of the foreign flora needed to create the amplifying concoction were limited. Thus, with a huge amount of dedicated time, a few tough trials, and a great amount of patience later, the medic had managed to extract and even reproduce the necessary properties of the flora that were the heart and soul of their new...

Enhanced Drink.

True to their word, the Chongunate kept the secret of the foreign land's medicinal miracle. They passed down the sole knowledge of the enhancement's creation, and only to those within their ranks that were deemed turstworthy. The mystery of the specific origins, however, remained highly confidential to selflessly protect their distant allies.