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My First Day - Suffering

First day? Indeed was a scary one... I went through the dark forest, to find an old man need help in killing several Rabbits. To think I went and help him, yet I got attacked by a furious deer. *sigh*

I proceed to a small hut. Inside where by a pretty woman needs some Acorns and Rabbit meats. I gave her mine and she taught me a simple heal - Soothe . It was indeed an effective spell, although it cannot help others, yet it helps me instantly. The pretty woman then tells me to go West from the hut. What to do? I can yet to find my own way as I have used up all my compasses.

" Finally! The gate to the city! " I said. I was relieved, yet was too stressed up. What will happen inside? It seems safe from outside, yet judging everything by the front will never help. I peeked through the large keyhole. " It seems... Safe... yet! " I thought. *knocks*

I stepped in. " So this is the town of Buya... " I said to myself. It is so lovely, but where is everyone? I felt a jolt through my spine. Something is definitely wrong in this town... I was alarmed. An imperial guard from the Buyan-Imperial-Army grabs my collar and throw me inside a small hut. " Stay inside young lady! There is a real havoc outside the city! Tigers are breaking free! " . That is the last ever sentence I heard from him. " Aaaargh!! "

It seems crowded inside the hut... I asked a small lady. She told me that an evil practicionist is summoning tigers from their Palace. I was afraid. " Why did all these are happening? Am I the subject of the trouble itself? It can't be! " I said. I dared myself to go out of the hut. *opens door*

Nothing seems to be somewhere near me. I stepped forward. I see the imperial guard who threw me inside the hut fighting a tiger. I tried my best to help him by distracting the tiger's attention. ROARRRRRR With a final slash, the tiger was dead. One down, tons to go... *sigh* I doubt an imperial guard like him could slay all alone. I ran back to the hut. " Everyone! Let's help to kill those tigers! I know, we are weak! But trying won't hurt, and it is part of our duty! " I shouted in fear.

After several persuading, all agreed to help. We threw stones, rocks, while some distracts the Tiger's attention. Several hours of fighting and all are killed. We ran. We tried to find the evil wizard yet to no avail. Just as everything was back to normal, the evil wizard appeared right infront of us. We screamed for help, yet he cursed us one by one. No one is able to move, as we are completely paralyzed to the ground. Only a brave imperial guard dare to fight him. He stab his only large spear to the evil wizard's body. Green blood then rushes out. What? He is not a human at all!

Although we were stoned, we pray in our heart for the evil wizard to fall under the imperial guard's hand. Almost an hour past, finally the evil wizard gave up. " Die? Nice phrase indeed... But I shall never die alone. All of you shall do the same as me... "

:: Lightning Flash ::

Everything is on fire. Therei s no way we can ever escape, as we ourselves was on fire as well. Impossible! The only way is to run through the fire. The brave imperial guard ran out of the circles of fire and throw in his jacket. We wore it, taking turns to dash out of the circles ... ... ... ... ...

We sweat. After several hours of suffering, finally it is all over. Why does it happens right on the first day I reached this town? Something sure is fishy, yet I can never discover the secrets of the evil parcticionist himself...